PeptideIPAMORELIN cream

Potency: Standard (400mcg/ml)

Size: 1 x 50ml Pump Pack (0.5ml/pump)

Duration: 10 weeks (depending on your desired application) 

DosesOnce daily, apply 1ml into the inner forearm and use the other forearm to rub the cream until the cream has been absorbed. Daily application should be 5 days on the 2 day off. Best taken on empty stomach at night before bed or mornings a hour prior to breakfast. If taking with CJC1295 take nightly on an empty stomach before bed 30 mins after taking the CJC1295.

N.B. To minimise the chance of over stimulation of the pituitary glad, when you first start applying a new peptide, you should apply half doses (1x pump = 0.5ml) for the first two weeks then continue at full dose (2x pumps = 1ml). 



IPAMORELIN - Is it for you? 

Are you seeking the perfect anti-aging remedy to help improve your skin, decrease fat stores and trigger the release of natural human growth hormone that helps you fight the visible sides of aging?

Evolv Medicine’s Advanced Anti-Aging (Ipamorelin) clinically formulated peptide cream is the perfect solution for muscle, skin and bone repair that targets and boosts the natural creation of growth hormone releasing hormone that works directly with the pituitary gland. Packed with key ingredients Ipamorelin and boosted with ghrelin which helps to regulate energy balance, the advanced anti-aging formulation is a must have for anyone looking to increase energy levels throughout the body.

Easily absorbed through the skin via a simple to apply cream, the peptide solution is packed with all the essential ingredients to improve the skin, aid recovery and enhance the immune system.

The Sciency Stuff: 

Ipamorelin is a selective GH-Secretagogue and ghrelin receptor agonist. The potency of ghrelin stimulation can be compared to GHRP6 with less appetite stimulation properties. However, unlike other GH-Secretagogue this pentapeptide doesn't release the same volume of cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin and aldosterone. It is for this reason Ipamorelin has been considered the first selective GH-Secretagogue.

Possible Side Effects:

Although peptides are safe to use, some users may experience side effects and we recommend that you contact us directly if you experience any of the following: Mild water retention