How to Buy

Peptides are prescription-only drugs in Australia, meaning patients are required to have a valid medical prescription to purchase peptides.

Our website offers a simple one-stop shop for patients: simply fill in our medical questionnaire when signing up for an account with EVOLV MEDICINE. This questionnaire will be reviewed by an independent doctor, who will determine whether peptides are for you.

Once reviewed, our online questionnaire stands as a legal, valid doctor prescription.

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Our medical team is at your disposal in case you have any questions related to our medical questionnaire.

Simply buy from EVOLV MEDICINE through our 5 step process!

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Sign up to EVOLV MEDICINE Fill in our medical questionnaire Discover our catalogue of peptide solutions, and add desired peptides to your cart Our medical team reviews your medical questionnaire to evaluate your eligibility for peptides  Once approved by our medical team, your order is compounded and dispatched to you